NBA Tributes Kobe With ASG Format

There have been many tributes to Kobe these past few days from everybody around the world. Many of these have been shared on social media by NBA players, teams, and fans. Through it all, we all know we have been waiting for the NBA to make their league-wide tribute. Well, we now know that they will be making multiple tributes to not just Kobe, but Gigi and all that were involved in the helicopter crash as well. With that being said, there is one tribute in particular that the NBA should rethink.

Teams will compete to win each of the first three quarters and all three quarters will start with a reset score. The first three quarters will all have a game clock but the fourth quarter will not. Instead, they will shut the game clock off and then teams will play to a target score in which is determined by taking the leading team’s cumulative score and adding 24 points. Adding the 24 points is the tribute in representation of Kobe’s final jersey number.

“We spent a lot of time considering the right target number to use for the fourth quarter,” said Byron Spruell, the NBA’s president for league operations. “Through the events of this week it became clear to us that the only appropriate number for this season’s All-Star game is 24.”

Okay, maybe the tribute itself is not the issue here, but actually the math equation of a format and how adding 24 points can seemingly make the game a blowout for the final quarter after the potential three competitive quarters. It took a while to figure out if this format was changed for this specific tribute or if it was already premeditated–but now it is clear that this was indubitably a planned adjustment prior to Kobe’s death. The only good part about this new All-Star Game format, is the part that makes it more competitive as they are playing for charity donation money. Within the game, the teams will play for up to $500,000 to go a community organization of the winner’s choice. The first three quarters will reward the winner with $100,000 each quarter and the winner of the game will be rewarded with $200,000 for the fourth quarter and overall victory.

Hopefully, one the NBA’s other tributes revolves around having players wear numbers 8, 24, or 2 (to tribute Gianna as well). Nonetheless, whatever the NBA decides to do with the other tributes are anticipated to be well It will be a somber, yet exciting time as we celebrate the beautiful lives of Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant, John Altobelli, Keri Altobelli, Alyssa Altobelli, Christina Mauser, Ara Zobayan, Sarah Chester, and Payton Chester throughout that entire weekend.

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