Team Unknown Honors Kobe In Exhibition Game

On Wednesday night the Las Vegas Unknown took on the Seattle Mountaineers in their first game in Las Vegas since their WCBT-LV 2019 event. On the Sunday prior, the basketball world turned upside down turning this exhibition game into so much more. The sudden death of the Legendary Kobe Bryant altered the minds of everyone that has ever heard of him. His legend will live on forever and with so many tributes occurring since that day, it was only right that the Unknown did their own tribute.

“It’s tragic. This is one of those things where, in 20 years, everybody will remember where they were when the news came out.” Unkown Guard Aaron Bing stated just minutes before tip-off.

Entry was free into the Dula gym in Downtown Las Vegas and everybody with Lakers gear was gifted a collage photo of Kobe, Gigi, and the others lost in the helicopter crash. The players wore headbands and arm bands with Kobe’s name on it as well as Kobe’s shoes with written messages on them such as “R.I.P. Kobe.” The Unkown also made custom shirts honoring Kobe and Gigi with their numbers on it and the word “Mentality” in between the numbers.

The Unknown were short handed on short notice after Juwan Johnson signed with Tallinna Ulikool/Kalev in Estonia and Deonta Edwards was absent due to the birth of his newborn son. That gave them the opportunity to use this game to build chemistry with some players that recently joined the team such as Guard Centrel Landers, who actually led the team with 21 points on 10-12 shooting with 3 assists and 3 rebounds. Star Guard Tony Eackles also poured in 21 points for himself with 4 steals in the 90-75 loss to the Mountaineers. The game ended with both teams coming together in the center of the court, thus ending the night with a chant.

“Kobe! Kobe! Kobe!”

The tribute overall was a beautiful gesture to one of the greatest to ever touch a basketball who will be vastly missed forever.

The Game’s Box Score

The Unknown will head to Hawaii next for their next list of games.

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