Prediction Of The Day

Throughout the span that this website has been active I have been writing predictions for multiple games on random days with some of the predictions being correct and some incorrect. I have no issue with being wrong sometimes as I am merely human. A human that is constantly searching ways to improve. Yesterday, an idea

was brought to my attention that I should do one prediction per day as often as I can rather than multiple on random days. Immediately I knew it was genius and I thank my friend for the suggestion. This way, if my audience (you) decides to put your faith in me and place a bet in favor of my prediction then you will either win or lose straight up. No longer will there be worries about one or two of the three predictions on one post being correct and the third causing a lost bet or lost trust. From here on, I will only be posting one prediction in which I have the utmost confidence in. I am confident that a better rapport between my audience and me will come out of this improvement.

Of the 11 games being played Saturday, there is one that sticks out to me. As cliche as it is, that game is the Cavaliers (5-7) game versus the Mavericks (2-10). I understand the Mavs are not particularly ideal to watch this season unless you’re solely seeking out Dennis Smith Jr. highlights but the reason why I find this game to be paramount to pay attention to is because of the Cavs’ early struggles this season. I’m indubitably curious to find out when ball will begin to bounce in their direction depsite the constant lineup changes, injuries, and defensive miscues.


The Cavs are searching for a win that can become a legitimate building block towards the necessary momentum to keep their chances at achieving a high playoff seeding until Isaiah Thomas is cleared from the hip injury he has been working to get back from since the Eastern Conference Finals back in May. The Mavs on the other hand, are seeking for answers to even get them in the discussions of teams with playoff berth potential. The Cavs seemed to have found that momentum they were on the prowl for when they defeated the Bucks in a close contest although it was quickly seen as an illusion when they lost their next game to the Rockets in another close contest. The Cavs’ 28th ranked defense exposed itself once again and allowed the Rockets to grab key rebounds and get to foul line in critical moments leaving the Cavs’ come from behind efforts meaningless. The Mavs are currently on the opposite end of the spectrum coming off of a 24-point blowout win versus the Wizards for their second win of the season snapping a six game losing streak. They played at a higher level on both ends of the floor than they have been this entire season scoring a season high 113 points while holding their opponent under 100 points for the fourth time this season. The Mavs are feeling great heading into tonight with three days of rest after the better of their two wins this season and their prized rookie Dennis Smith Jr. playing one of his best games in his first year as a pro. Regardless, the Mavs are 1-5 at home heading into a mismatch against the Cavs despite the Cavs having trouble finding a groove so far this season. The Cavs will use this game to test out more strategies and lineups en route to a double-digit win for only the second time this season. The Mavs will continue the route they were predicted to be on this season scavenging wins only in games they click on both ends of the floor for a full 48 minutes while developing Dennis Smith Jr. into the star point guard they hope he becomes as soon as possible.

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