NBA Trade Deadline Recap

After an adrenaline rushing NBA trade deadline, we analyze each trade made. Comment below which trade you thought was the most dynamic!

HoopFanatic Podcast Episode 130

What should the Lakers focus on in order to ensure next season is a success? Is James Dolan the only thing in the way of Knicks becoming great again? What should be done to assist player-fan interactions from escalating? Are the Warriors more mortal than we thought they would be when the season started? Kevin Durant defends his burner accounts from 2017. Will Kemba Walker stay or leave Charlotte after this season? Which team has the most pressure to secure a playoff spot out of those within the race for the final spots

HoopFanatic Podcast Episode 127

Does the addition of Markieff Morris make OKC a REAL championship contender; Dell Demps fired; Team loyalty vs player loyalty; AD states he was never opposed to Boston; Predicting who's in and who's out of the playoffs; David Stern thinks if Colin Kaepernick played in the NBA he would still have a job; HUGE NBA ANNOUNCEMENT!