Are Players More Concerned With Fashion Than Winning?

In the wake of JJ Redick’s comments, we debate if players really do seem to care more about what they’re wearing to the game versus actually winning the game. Comment below what you think! 🏀🤔

The Bigger Picture On Zion’s Debut

We have already gotten a sneak peek at Zion's capabilities in the NBA when he briefly played in the summer league and preseason. Today, at 6:30 Pacific Standard Time, we'll finally be able to watch Zion play again when the Pelicans take on the Spurs tonight. Zion has been sitting out for the first three … Continue reading The Bigger Picture On Zion’s Debut

Would You Rather Have Accolades or Be Respected and Liked?

Imagine having the ability to foresee your NBA career in a way that everyone respects you. You have the likeness and respect from everyone in the league. The players, coaches, execs, all the way up to the owners and down to the janitors. Regardless of the conjured respect, something big is missing. Accolades. Ask yourself … Continue reading Would You Rather Have Accolades or Be Respected and Liked?

HoopFanatic Podcast Episode 129

Who's to blame for the distractions surrounding the Lakers? If the Lakers had D'Angelo Russell currently rather than Lonzo Ball, would they be more successful? Pau Gasol bought out from the Spurs Sixers owner Josh Harris believes a first round exit would be "very problematic"