143. Kawhi Restores Balance to NBA

Kawhi Leonard makes a decision nobody seen coming and the Clippers complete the heist of the decade! NBA free agency continues!

141. DLo, Lakers Reunite?! Good Move Or Bad Move?

D'Angelo Russell may become a Laker again despite them trading him just 2 years ago. Will he demand the max or take a discount? Also on this week's episode we recap the NBA Finals and the 2019 NBA Draft. Which players were chosen to high in the draft? Which were slept on? Tune in and find out!

140. Kawhi Leonard, Best In The World

Raptors take a 3-1 series lead and the Warriors are hitting the panic button! Will KD be able to suit up after being cleared to practice? Will the Warriors be able to shift their own history and become the next team to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals? We debate these topics and more in episode 140 of the HoopFanatic Podcast!

HoopFanatic Podcast Episode 127

Does the addition of Markieff Morris make OKC a REAL championship contender; Dell Demps fired; Team loyalty vs player loyalty; AD states he was never opposed to Boston; Predicting who's in and who's out of the playoffs; David Stern thinks if Colin Kaepernick played in the NBA he would still have a job; HUGE NBA ANNOUNCEMENT!