Bulls Need Front Office Cleanup

The Bulls are enduring yet, another disappointing season with Gar Forman and John Paxson leading the way within the front office. Let’s not act like we didn’t see this coming though. When they extended Jim Boylen’s contract after last season, they were informing their fans that more disappointing seasons ahead. With that being said, it’s time to clean house within the front office and replace Gar-Pax

Since Tom Thibodeau was bounced out of Chicago due to differences between him and the front office, things have not gone well for the Bulls. The front office replaced Thibs with Fred Hoiberg who ended up being a very passive coach that couldn’t keep the locker room under control or even keep his players motivated to come out and play every night. It took Gar-Pax too long to figure out that he wasn’t the right fit and instead of going after a high profile coach, they chose to go with Jim Boylen. While Boylen’s resume looks good having spent time as one of Gregg Popovich’s assistant coaches between 2013-2015, he is far from the right fit himself and it didn’t take long for him to prove that.

In his first week as a head coach of an NBA team, he made the players through intense, multiple-hour practice sessions, with one coming the day after a loss. That would be a great thing to do as a high school coach but the NBA’s season is intense in itself so resting is more than necessary throughout it. Later that week, due to Boylen choosing to deem practice being more important than games that he, himself deems un-winnable, the players decided to skip practice and hold a meeting. Boylen continued to make things worse by disputing the players’ choice to hold the meeting, instead saying that it was his own idea to hold the meeting. The players disputed his dispute and things escalated to where some players even contacted the NBPA because they felt like the health of their bodies was in danger. He doesn’t have the same exact practice strategy this season although he still calls questionable timeouts and makes questionable substitutions and there are clips of their star player Zach LaVine visibly upset by his coaching methods.

It is yet to truly be seen as we will never really know what Jerry Reinsdorf will do, but it is time to make necessary changes in their front office. Any changes to the front office though, will likely invite a coaching change to follow soon after. What we do know, is that they need to find a coach that can actually earn the respect of the players. The only way to accomplish that is to find personnel to plug into the front office that can better decisions with better logic.

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