Pick Of The Day 11/16/17


The Celtics host the Warriors in what could potentially be a preview of this season’s upcoming NBA Finals. Personally, I don’t believe the Celtics will make it that far this season due to an impassable road block notoriously known as Lebron James but regardless of what I think, the Celtics are still the favorite to make it out of the Eastern Conference.

The Celtics are currently gripping a 13-game winning streak heading into this game. It’s the longest winning streak for the Celtics since the 2010-2011 season when they won 14 games in a row with the Big 3 that consisted of Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett. It’s also the longest winning streak in the NBA so far this season. The Warriors are also riding a seven-game win streak of their own and don’t seem to be stepping on the brakes any time soon as all seven wins have been by double-digits even while missing Kevin Durant for one game and Steph Curry for another. Besides the length of the streaks the difference between the streaks is that leading up to each game and out of all of the teams the Celtics faced, only four held a record above .500. The Warriors have faced only one team that was not above .500 during their streak. After a rocky start for Golden State, they are back to their ways of dominating the NBA with another NBA Finals appearance in sight. Regardless if the Celtics are holding teams under 95ppg (league best) they have not faced an offense as powerful as the Warriors who score a league best 119.6ppg which is also the highest average since the Nuggets averaged 119.9ppg during the 1990-1991 season.

Head Coach Steve Kerr gave an update after Tuesday’s practice stating, “He looked good. We didn’t practice hard, but he’s fine. He’s probable for Thursday unless he has a setback the next couple of days.”

Kevin Durant chimed in stating, “Steph has to get that janky thigh right — we need him out there.”

It’s obvious the Warriors understand the Celtics’ capabilities and that their chances of winning Thursday night’s game improve with Steph in the lineup. If Steph is good to go, count on the Warriors’ offense to be at its best as they end the Celtic’s win streak and extend their own streak to eight games and counting.

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