NBA Finals Game 1 Prediction.

Game 1 of the NBA Finals take place in Oracle Arena. The Warriors will be looking to begin an “annihilation” of their opponent, the Cavs. They have been waiting for their moment of revenge for a year now and now, it is time for them to seize the moment. Their brand of basketball has to control the way the game is played in Game 1 otherwise the game will remain close and they can potentially lose on their home court.But I suspect that won’t be a problem for the Warriors as they have been excellent with maintaining control of the basketball game through all 48 minutes of each of their games this postseason. The way they move the ball around and create easy shots makes their offense appear effortless. This postseason they are second in offensive rating to only the Cavs which just shows how well the Cavs have been playing themselves. That may be different throughout these Finals as the Warriors have been the best defensive team throughout these playoffs holding a defensive rating of 99.1. There is only one thing that could possibly have an effect with the Warriors’ playing at their most dominant level and that is the absence of Head Coach Steve Kerr who is still dealing with an ailing back after having surgery on it a couple years ago. Kerr may be out this entire series as he has been this postseason.


The Cavs will be ready for everything the Warriors have to throw at them. The Cavs have improved their defense throughout the playoffs holding their opponents to 45 percent shooting which ranks them third when during the season they were ranked 16th in that category. Cleveland has not been as good as GSW on defense, although surprisingly they have been better on offense despite the Warriors having arguably the league’s best scorer and 2 of the league’s best shooters on their roster. The Cavs have been doing their best in acquiring sharpshooters themselves, which brought them to trade for Kyle Korver mid-season and add him to an already decent 3-point shooting team in order to improve them in that category. With the addition of Korver, the Cavs have been scorching hot being the arc shooting a league-best 43.5 percent. That’s about 5 percent better than the high-scoring Warriors and if the Cavs keep this type of shooting going, they will be able to stay in every game avoiding blowouts. To stay close to a team that scores on almost every other possession, you have to do the same or hit more 3’s than they do can help as well. With the way the Cavs are clicking on both ends of the floor along with the elevated play from the best player in the league, Lebron James, it’s exciting to see how everything will transpire as they play Golden State.


Despite being the defending champions the Cavs have been crowned underdogs throughout this series. But rightfully so because the Warriors have never looked so good. They appear to be even better than they were a year ago as the most winningest team in league history and being up 3-1 in the Finals. There won’t be any room for choking a series let alone a game this time around if the Warriors want to accomplish their revenge on the Cavs. Tonight, GSW will struggle defeating the Cavs, but they will get the win in a close showdown between the two best teams in the NBA.

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