2016-2017 MVP. Brodie or Beard?

There has been plethora of discussion about who should win this year’s NBA MVP award and several names have been mentioned. Though, only 2 names stuck out more than the others. Russell Westbrook and James Harden. Brodie and Beard. Both are having remarkable seasons this year leading their teams into the playoffs as a 3 seed (James) and a 6 seed (Russell) in the Western Conference while creating history on the way.


Russell Westbrook is well on his way to break Oscar Robertson’s record for the most triple-doubles in a single season while also averaging a triple-double just as the Big O did in the 1961-1962 season. He tied the record at 41 on Monday in only 3 quarters during a blowout versus the Milwaukee Bucks and now has 5 games remaining to break that feat. He leads the league in scoring averaging 31.6 ppg (9.9 ppg in the 4th quarter). Brodie is also 3rd in assists averaging 10.4 apg and leads all guards in rebounding averaging 10.7 rpg. Westbrook’s motor is unbelievable the way he plays the entire game at full throttle and never takes a play off. He is the most efficient player in the league doing everything he can to will his team to a victory every night. After Kevin Durant left there were questions about the type of success the Oklahoma City Thunder would have, if any at all. Although Russ and his superstar prowess put those questions to rest playing in every game, leading a team that lacks shooters and overall guard depth to a successful 40+ win season.


Meanwhile, James Harden is the first player in NBA history to score 2,000+ points and assist on 2,000+ points in a single season. James leads the league in assists averaging 11.2 apg (10 games with 15+ assists) and is 2nd in scoring averaging 29.2 ppg. He has made his transition from a scoring shooting guard to a complete all-around point guard becoming the 2nd most efficient player in the league behind Russ. The Beard accumulated 20 triple-doubles this season with 7 of those coming with 40+points, which is an NBA league record. He is 3rd in 3-pointers made only behind the splash brothers. Last year the Rockets were fighting to make the playoffs. This year after the departure of Center Dwight Howard and the joining of Head Coach Mike D’Antoni, they are one of the top 3 teams in the West let alone the entire league currently holding a 52-25 record with the help of Harden’s performances and evolved leadership on and off the court.


My choice for MVP would have to be Westbrook due to the fact that he is breaking a lot of records and on edge to accomplishing a feat that hasn’t been done in 55 years. All while putting OKC on his back completely leading his team to the playoffs. On top of that, he leaves every ounce of himself on the court showing his real passion in becomingone of the best to ever touch a basketball. All the critics calling him selfish when Durant was on the Thunder are holding their tongues now after Russ’ outstanding season.  Usually the best player on the better team wins the MVP although it is too difficult to look past the triple-double records Russ is breaking and his efforts in every single game.


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