Is Devin Booker a future All-Star?

Devin Booker scored 27 points in seven minutes of the second quarter last night in the Suns’ loss against the Bucks. While I was watching him go off, the idea of him being a potential future All-Star blossomed in my brain. Booker continuously shows his potential as a scorer in this league the way he can light it up once he gets hot (which seems to be happening more consistently nowadays). The 20-year old two-year guard led rookies last season in 30-point games (5) which is also the most since 2012-2013 when Damian Lillard accomplished the feat. This year, he has improved his scoring average from 13.8 ppg to 21.2 ppg and already has nine 30-point games this season. He scored a career-high 39 points on 62% shooting in back-to-back nights when they played in Mexico and recently hit the game-winning shot versus the Kings on February 2nd in another 30 point effort. Now, with those statistics used, my point is that if the Phoenix Suns’ guard continues to improve at this rate while working on other parts of his game (especially his strength on defense), he is likely to be an All-Star candidate within 3-4 years. The sky is the limit for this young 6’6″ guard as he is already showing signs that he can be a key piece in the Suns’ future as well as a perennial shooter in the NBA. Right now, it seems as if Devin Booker is being slept on due to the fact that he plays for one of the worst teams in the league. It also does not help that they have not really improved as a team and are boring to watch outside of Booker and Bledsoe with Marqueese Chriss showing off his athleticism in recent games. I’m sure Booker would trade his 16-game streak of 20+ points in for a 16-game win streak if he could though. This young team needs to figure something out as a whole with emphasis on the defensive end to change the culture in Phoenix with wins. Regardless of the Sun’s current losing culture, stay tuned in on Devin Booker and watch him grow to be a really good player in this league.

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